About Me

As a High Performance Computing Engineer, my daily work involves planning and operating the infrastructure for High Performance Computing (HPC). This includes designing hardware configurations for clusters in the HPC environment and conducting market and technology analyses to guide the ongoing development of the infrastructure. I engage in customer dialogue and consultation, collaborating with various departments, projects, and entities within the organization to understand future requirements and incorporate them into the environment’s evolution.

I lead the effort on implementing container solutions on the HPC platform, ensuring efficient and isolated deployment of applications. Identifying and addressing hardware and software errors is crucial, and I’m responsible for troubleshooting and managing error resolution. Additionally, I conceptualize and maintain batch-driven computational workflows on the HPC platform, streamlining the execution of tasks and optimizing resource usage.

In terms of coordination, I oversee installations and deployments, ensuring seamless integration of new hardware and software components. Communication and collaboration with other entities within the organization are essential to align and consolidate HPC efforts for an integrated approach.

My daily tasks encompass a comprehensive range of responsibilities within the dynamic field of High Performance Computing, all aimed at optimizing efficiency and pushing the boundaries of computational capabilities.

In addition to my full-time career in the automotive industry, I indulge in my hobbies during my free time. Among them, tinkering with different microcontrollers holds a special place. Another facet of my hobby involves extensive reverse engineering of common electronic appliances. Through dismantling and studying all kinds of devices, I unearth a profound comprehension of their internal mechanisms. This understanding fuels the emergence of fresh concepts and innovative solutions.

As a counterbalance to my desk-bound endeavors, I relish kayaking and hiking. These outdoor activities provide a refreshing break from the routine and allow me to immerse myself in nature.

Don’t hesitate to contact me via Threema.