Because I frequently need cheatsheets and manuals for my work that are difficult to find or that I had to work out myself, I publish them in the “Notes” category.

List of NICs and their OEM parts

Mellanox Card Type Speed Ports PCIE Variations MCX415A-CCAT EN 100GBE 1 QSFP28 3.0 x16 IBM EKAM, H3C 0631A012/0231A7PU/0231A7XR MCX416A-CCAT EN 100GBE 2 QSFP28 3.0 x16 IBM EC3L (Low Profile), IBM EC3M, Dell 540-BBQH, DELL 540-BBQF (Low Profile), DELL 540-BBVR (Low Profile), DELL 540-BBUU (Low Profile), H3C 9901A3SQ MCX311A-XCAT EN 10GBE 1 SFP+ 3.0 x8 Lenovo 00AE047 MCX312A-XCBT EN 10GBE 2 SFP+ 3.0 x8 Lenovo 00D9690, Lenovo SC50K57838 MCX314A-BCBT EN 40/56GBE 2 QSFP+ 3.
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DHL Packstation PostCard Barcode

In this post, we explore an innovative solution to simplify the parcel pickup process at DHL Packstations. Previously, customers had to manually enter their PostNummer and mTAN, which was time-consuming. However, a new yellow customer card with a barcode on the back aimed to streamline this process. Unfortunately, not all customers received the new card automatically. To avoid the hassle of applying for a new card, there is a clever workaround – generating our own barcode.
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Search Engines for Pentesters

Welcome to my list of search engines for IT security researchers! As a security researcher, you know how important it is to stay up-to-date with the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and trends in the field. And one of the best ways to do that is by using specialized search engines that are designed specifically for the IT security community. This list includes some of the most popular and useful search engines for security researchers, including Shodan, ZoomEye, and BinaryEdge.
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Julet/HIGO Mini Connector Specs

Introduction The Mini B signal connector series is an overmolded connector used by many e-mobility manufacturers for various throttle, e-brake, PAS sensor and light connectors. Compatible versions of this connector are made among others by Julet, HIGO and Cusmade. These connectors are not available as solderable inline connectors that anyone can install. They come as prefabricated harnesses in the OEM line, which limits their use in DIY projects. While the waterproofing makes the contact reliable, there is no way to measure the voltage on the pins when the system is connected for diagnostic purposes.
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Wemos TTGO ESP8266 with 0.91" OLED

I have been looking for an ESP8266 board that has voltage converters like a NodeMCU but is much smaller and space saving. Background is my current project “fridge-kola” to control a wine fridge as an IoT device via my smart home and to read out its state. The TTGO board with integrated OLED display is perfect for my requirements. It has exactly the right size to be placed in the handle of the fridge and offers all necessary interfaces to read my NTC temperature sensor, control the cooling circuit control and the interior lighting.
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