In this category, all projects are listed that have required major efforts and, in some cases, several hours of work. Some posts are still being actively updated, as these projects are not finished yet due to lack of time or material. Oh yeah, the chip crisis is real!

Upgrading a IBM PC/XT Motherboard with 1MB of RAM

This comprehensive guide explains how to upgrade the memory on an IBM PC XT motherboard, specifically focusing on expanding it to a maximum of 1MB. It covers various aspects of the process, including introducing the upgrade project, listing the required components, explaining the concept of high memory in vintage computing, providing step-by-step installation instructions, detailing the replacement of the IC U44 with a GAL chip, and exploring different memory configurations and SW2 settings. The guide also includes essential circuit details and considerations for clones and XT-compatible systems.
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Finetuning a Skin Cancer Recognition Model using Swin Tiny

Introduction The resulting model is a fine-tuned version of microsoft/swin-tiny-patch4-window7-224 on the imagefolder dataset. It achieves the following results on the evaluation set: Loss: 0.7695 Accuracy: 0.7275 The Microsoft Swin-Tiny Transformer used in this project is a deep learning model architecture designed for computer vision tasks. It is a smaller variant of the Swin Transformer family and is known for its efficiency and high performance in image classification and other vision tasks.
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3M Cogent Mobile Ident IIIc (MI3C) Teardown

This teardown is about the Mobile Ident III, a handheld fingerprint identification device from 3M Cogent. With forensic-quality fingerprints, high-resolution portraits, and multiple wireless interfaces, it was developed for military, law enforcement, and civil government applications. It stores up to 300,000 fingerprint templates, and submits NIST files to back-end matching systems for easy identification.
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