In this category, all projects are listed that have required major efforts and, in some cases, several hours of work. Some posts are still being actively updated, as these projects are not finished yet due to lack of time or material. Oh yeah, the chip crisis is real!

AUDI E-scooter GPS-Tracker & Immobilizer

Learn how to add a GPS tracker with immobilizer function to your AUDI e-scooter without damaging the wiring harness. This modification allows you to deactivate the scooter via SMS or app, and interrupt the connection of the dashboard to the motor, making it unusable for thieves.
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Smart Wine Cooler “fridge-kola”

Pimp my fridge! I have owned a Russell Hobbs RH8WC1 wine cooler for several years. Since I’m not a wine drinker, the fridge serves as a quickly accessible depot for all kinds of drinks next to my desk. But I often use it to store fritz-kola, a German soft drink brand that adds a lot of caffeine to its cola. That is where the name of the project comes from: fridge-kola
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Madsack+ Viewer WebApp

Take down the paywall! Read local news without subscriptions or paywalls. Learn how to use SEO data to extract full articles from Madsack Media Group’s websites. This legal method uses a simple regular expression to access JSON data to look behind the paywall.
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