I’m sure every admin has come to the point where manuals for the software were no longer sufficient and something better was needed for the exact use case. Fortunately, there is the Internet! It’s just a pitty when the tutorial you’re looking for doesn’t exist yet or is completely out of date. So that these gaps are filled, I post here from time to time a few tricks.

RHEL 8 CUDA Container Install on a DGX H100 Machine

In the world of high-performance computing and deep learning, the NVIDIA DGX H100 shines with its impressive hardware, including 8 NVIDIA H100-GPUs, 18 NVLink connections per GPU, 4 NVIDIA NVSwitches, and 2 terabytes of RAM. To leverage its GPU power, we install NVIDIA/CUDA drivers and set up the Fabric Manager on a system running Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.8 (Ootpa).
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Installing Fedora on LG Gram Notebook

Installing Fedora on LG Gram Notebook The LG gram is a very powerful and at the same time incredibly light notebook. As a Linux user, I of course immediately installed Fedora on the laptop and had to realise, to my disillusionment, that one or two things do not run as smoothly as I had hoped. During charging via USB-C, several kernel tasks spawn that place a heavy load on the CPU.
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Installing Tang on OPNsense

In this comprehensive tutorial, I provide a detailed guide on how to build and install the NBDE server Tang on OPNsense. Tang offers an additional layer of security for a server environment by securely managing encryption keys. We walk through each step of the process, from compiling Tang to configuring it on OPNsense.
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